Essen SPIEL '22

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Pre-order your games and pick them up at our booth in Essen during the fair. Our booth number: 3M107.


New games

Bubble Stories Holidays

Discover new worlds by exploring, card after card, all the places you can visit! Enjoy each place along the way and discover what is hidden at the end of each adventure!

Disc Cover

In Disc Cover, turn up the volume and travel through the musical worlds of your friends and family. Match the best cover to the song you’ve chosen or identify the one selected by the other players. Between cacophony and harmony, will you manage to match each member of your entourage?

Mech a Dream

Thanks to your own workshop, take part in the amazing Mech a Dream project over the course of the week you have been allotted: make the most dreams for your robots by optimizing your resources and the construction time of your machines.

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For the purchase of two games, the third one is at 50%*


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For the purchase of three games, the fourth one is free*

*Applies to the lowest priced game. Offers can be combined.

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